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  • Who do you provide service for?
    We support women of all ages by designing personalized fitness plans and providing motivating exercise instruction with a certified personal trainer online. We also offer fitness coaching for women who want to have a personalized fitness plan without the need to connect online for exercise performance critique. Most of our members want to reach a certain weight goal or develop an exercise routine to manage their weight. We also help our members achieve improvement in functional strength and enhanced muscle tone, improvement in stamina, better balance control, improvement in flexibility, recreational sports training, assistance with physical therapy home exercises, as well as a strong desire for an alternative to medical intervention.
  • What types of Online Personal Training Plans do you offer? What plan is most popular?
    We offer 12 different types of Online Personal Training Plans. Selecting the right plan will take a few considerations. Your primary consideration will need to be what exactly your health and fitness goals are. We have a lot of experience with this, so we can help you if you are unsure. Then, the length of your commitment and the frequency of which you will need to achieve your goals can be determined. Our most popular plan is our GET FIT YEAR PLAN. This plan works great for women who need the motivation and accountability to schedule their online workouts frequently enough to feel and look their best all year long.
  • How long is each online personal training session?
    Online personal training sessions with an Exercise Euphoria certified personal trainer are scheduled for 50 minutes.
  • How do I book my online personal training sessions?
    You schedule your online personal trainings sessions by logging into your account on our website or on our Fit by Wix app. We have a super easy online scheduling system that allows you to book your sessions whenever you want based your availability. Our online scheduling system also allows you to reschedule or cancel your appointments within a 24 hour window; making it very convenient for you to manage your personal fitness on-the-go.
  • How big of an area will I need to workout in?
    You'll need at least a 7' X 5' floor space area to workout in.
  • What type of exercise equipment will I need?
    We do not require you to have any exercise equipment to participate in our online personal training programs. However, we will make equipment recommendations if you wish to add some creativity into your program; especially if you join any of our longer committed plans. Some of our more common equipment recommendations are a 7' X 5" cushioned exercise mat, a few pairs of free weights, a set of long resistance or loop bands, a stability ball, and an exercise step.
  • Can I really connect online for my online personal training workouts from anywhere?
    Yes! As long as you are able to receive a high speed internet connection and have a good bandwidth, you can connect online with one of our personal trainers from anywhere. By connecting online, we are able to support more women achieve good health and fitness. We believe modern technology and personalized fitness work beautifully together.
  • Do you assist those who may be interested in your services but don't have a clue how to get properly set up for it from a technical stand point?
    Absolutely. When we started Exercise Euphoria, our biggest concern was figuring out the best way for our members to connect online with us so they feel comfortable with the technological aspect of using our services. Don't worry too much about this; there are only a few things that are required to get the most out of your online personal training experience with us. We'll walk you through everything before you get started.
  • What type of training methods do you instruct to your members?
    Our personal trainers consider several different types of training methods primarily based on what your personal goals are, what other fitness related activities you regularly participate in and what your exercise health history is like. For example, our members who are working on losing weight while building muscle strength and tone, we will typically design a personalized full body fitness plan and instruct you to perform your exercises while incrementally increasing your conditioning level in a circuit training format.
  • Are there other services you offer your members?
    Currently, our active online personal training plans members enjoy use of our member-only access on our website & app, file share access, program access, participation in our fitness challenges, endurance training coaching, and fitness tracking coaching. Our fitness performance check-in meeting are highly recommended for those who wish to receive additional support and feedback with their individual progress during their active online personal training membership. For those who don't need the accountability to meet online with a personal trainer, we offer an online fitness coaching plan where members receive 10 personalized exercise routines to do on their own. Included are weekly 30-minute online meetings with your Personal Trainer to make sure you are progressing with your goals.
  • Do your members achieve their health & fitness goals?
    We have many success stories. Because we make it easy to stay connected together online, our ladies continue to reach and maintain their health and fitness goals.
  • Are you accessible to your members when you are not online training them?
    When you don't have an online service appointment with us and you have a question related to your fitness plan, you can email us anytime and we will respond to you within 24 hours.
  • What is the cost of your Online Personal Training Plans? Any discounts available?
    All 12 of our Online Personal Training Plans differ in price depending on the length of the plan's commitment and the frequency of training. Each plan can be purchased as a monthly subscription service where you are required to use each month's sessions to encourage accountability and optimize personal success or purchased with more flexibility of scheduling your plan's sessions when you choose to pay for the plan in full (PIF). Certain PIF plans are discounted. Our Membership Loyalty Program rewards our members who wish to stay a member of Exercise Euphoria when their online personal training plan expires with a 15% renewal discount on their plan's original purchase price or on any upgraded plan.
  • How do you purchase an Online Personal Training Plan?
    All of our Online Personal Training Plans and other services can be purchased directly online with a major credit card by choosing your selected plan from our "Plans & Pricing" menu option on our website. Identity protection security measures are put in place to protect your privacy including a SSL certificate. You may also call us at 833-691-2639 to place your service order.
  • Can I gift someone a personal training session or plan?
    Yes. Our services offer a unique gift idea to any special women in your life. Please contact us to ensure that your gift is set up properly. We will need the gift recipient's following information: name, email, and phone number.
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