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About Exercise Euphoria

Thank you for showing an interest in learning more about Exercise Euphoria. I was once one of the fitness industry leading personal trainers at a popular gym in the Jersey Shore area here in the United States. I loved motivating my clients to work hard and was proud to see them achieve their fitness goals. However, after acquiring a professional reputation of helping improve many lives, I was no longer able to take on new clients. I began to wonder if I could help more people by delivering the same creative, goal-oriented workouts online. I got excited about the idea of training virtually through live video instruction where I could still instruct safe and effective exercises with an emphasis of using functional strength training techniques to facilitate many of the common fitness goals my clients have. Personal training online with my clients would also eliminate many of the time consuming environmental issues I often experienced at the gym such as having an exercise sequence be interrupted by other gym members using a popular exercise equipment for an unknown amount of time. My decision soon became crystal clear; offering private workout sessions online would give my clients more value by making our time together more convenient and way more productive. 

I came up with naming my new online fitness training business, Exercise Euphoria while out jogging one day.  To me, it felt like the perfect business name associated with being very happy participating in a fitness program my clients would absolutely love. Our skillful reputable certified personal trainers would design your fitness program for you, instruct it to you online, and cheer you on every step of the way. Since we attracted so many women to our platform, we now specialize in women's health and have an online fitness community where members can connect with each to compare workouts, support each other and celebrate their achievements together. Over three years late, our members have found a way fit a few workouts in from the comfort of their homes and have proven to be consistent with their exercise routines and are reaching their personal fitness goals AND MAINTAINING THEM with our online professional support. 

Exercise Euphoria is an affordable way to effectively manage a busy woman's health. With the ability to communicate online, we deliver personalized fitness plans you can do conveniently at home or anywhere you can remotely connect on the internet. Consider your Exercise Euphoria Personal Trainer your online workout buddy. We are just a click away from connecting online and working out regularly with you. Our approach is personal, fun and rewarding.  

Wishing Every Woman Good Health,
Bonnie Brouillette DPT, NCSF-CPT

Exercise Euphoria Founder & CEO


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